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This little corner  is where I share the results of my family history researches, most of which so far have been into my mother's side and in particular the Hill family, who came from the Kettleshulme area on the Cheshire - Debyshire border. Thers's not a great deal about Kettleshulme on the web as far as I can see, so I hope some of these documents will redress the balance. The links will appear under headings below as I get them prepared and written. - Charlie Hulme, Stockport UK, 2016.

My family story

George Hill 1860-1917 (2006)

Cycling through my ancestry: Kettleshulme, Saltersford and the Jenkin Chapel (2008)

The Boothbys and the Swan Inn, Kettleshulme (Includes a Kettleshulme Directory for 1874)

Me and Mrs Middleton: a sidelight on my history (2016)

          James Hill and his daughters: my mother's family (2016)

Transcribed documents and records

SALTERSFORD  and KETTLESHULME From Kelly’s Directory of Cheshire, 1906

KETTLESHULME and SALTERSFORD, 1850 From: Bagshaw, Samuel. History, gazetteer, and directory of the county palatine of Chester.

Links to other sites:
DISLEY.NET: Marvellous resource of Parish registers from Disley, Lyme Handley, Taxal & Whaley

The SWAN INN, Kettleshulme (Facebook)

e-Mapping Victorian Cheshire Tithe Maps to Modern, from Cheshire councils.

Stockport Image Archive: on-line pictures of Stockport history

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