Altfelden: Austrian railways real and model

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Half an Hour at 'Altfelden'

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The Altfelden pages are devoted to my unhealthy obsession with all things relating to Austrian railway branch lines of the 1990s and my little model railway 'Altfelden' which tries to recreate the happy days I have spent visiting and travelling on these lines. I hope they will be of interest, especially to my friends in the Austrian Railway Group.  - Charlie Hulme

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Altfelden - the H0 Model

I had modelled in H0e previously, but a visit to the Mühlkreisbahn near Linz in 1992, after realising from George Wagner's ÖBB Heute book that there might still be loco-hauled branch line trains in Austria, inspired the creation of an H0 standard gauge layout which sits on shelves along two side of our 'study' alongside the computer desk. Basically it takes the concept of the 'GWR branch line' as promoted by Dave Howsam and others and translates it to 1990s Austria. Over the next few years we aimed our visits to the country at places which were scenic enough for walks and cycle hire, but happened also to have Class 2043 locos on their trains. As we update this page in 2019, that pleasure has long gone, along with some of the branch lines themselves, and even 2043-hauled freights are reduced to a single daily working, and 'heritage' operations, but I can still run a train or two while my computer 'warms up'.

2043 008-8 (Roco model) stands at Altfelden with the usual train of two Schileren coaches. DCC means you can easily photograph a train standing still with headlights on. Taken with my Canon Powershot A720, 1/4 second at F8 in ordinary light, brightened and sharpened up a little in the computer, and the sky tided up.

I re-liveried the 'Bundesbus' using pictures of the prototype taken in 1993.

Train arriving behind 2043 073, which is a final-version Lima model, of one of the later batch of 2043s which can be recognised by the slightly-different side windows. In the siding is the van used to deliver hire-bikes to stations in the 'Fahrrad im Bahnhof' scheme. The ready-weathered open is a Klein Modellbahn product.

This is a historic scene from the earlier version of the scenic corner, before altered it to allow me to build more buildings. Anyone interested in modelling the 1993 'Konsum' logo and lorry decor, or the phone box, all based on pictures taken in the period, please get in touch: info[at]

Note: Altfelden is not a real place!  I was originally inspired by the station at Neufelden in Upper Austria, and there is a real village (without a station) in the same area called Altenfelden, and both are lovely places well worth a visit....

Last update November 2019.