Altfelden: Austrian railways real and model

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Altheim - November 2008

Mattighofen -  March 2007

Innviertel  - December 2005

Carinthia -  November 2004

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The Wachau Railway 2009

Muhlkreisbahn, 1992-3

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The Altfelden pages are devoted to my unhealthy obsession with all things relating to Austrian railway branch lines of the 1990s - even unto the present day - and my little model railway 'Altfelden' which tries to recreate the happy days I have spent visiting and travelling on these lines. I hope they will be of interest, especially to my friends in the Austrian Railway Group.  - Charlie Hulme

Austrian station announcement gong (.wav) - right-click here to download

Altfelden - the H0 Model

'Half an hour at Altfelden'

2043 008-8 (Roco model) stands at Altfelden with the usual train of two Schileren coaches. DCC means you can easily photograph a train with headlights on. Taken with my Canon Powershot A720, 1/4 second at F8 in ordinary light, brightened and sharpened up a little in the computer, and the sky tided up.

The Liliput 5146 is maybe slightly too old for my period, but it's a fine model.

Anyone interested in modelling the 1993 'Konsum' logo and lorry decor, or the phone box, please get in touch: info[at]

Note: Altfelden is not a real place!  I was originally inspired by the station at Neufelden in Upper Austria, and there is a real village (without a station) in the same area called Altenfelden, and both are lovely places well worth a visit....

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